Lost in the Mountains

Not available for screening anymore

Lost in the Mountains

Directed by Sang-soo Hong

  • South Korea 2009; 31 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama

  • Other Jeonju DIgital Project 2009 films: Butterflies Have No Memories by Lav Diaz and Koma by Naomi Kawase.

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Misook is on her way to Jeonju city to see her friend Jin-Young, riding her used car given newly as a gift by her brother in-law. However, Jin-Young is unable to stay longer hanging out with Misook, so Misook spends the night with Sangoak, her teacher and her ex-boyfriend. Next day, at Jin-Young’s place, Misook accidentally finds out the relationship going on between Sangoak and Jin-Young by looking at Sangoak's stuff at Jin-Young‘s place and she feels betrayed. With an agony she calls Myungwoo into Jeonju city…

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