Lost Lives

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    Lost Lives

    Directed by

    United Kingdom


    93 min

    • English


    Lost Lives is a major cinematic film inspired by the book of the same name. Written over seven years by five journalists, it is a book that, uniquely, records the circumstances of every single death in a conflict – the Northern Irish ‘Troubles.’ There are over 3700 entries in the book. Over 3700 lost lives. Featuring high-end cinematography, an orchestral score and readings by an ensemble cast of Irish actors. The film is a requiem. A reminder that war is hell.



    Kenneth Branagh
    Bríd Brennan
    Roma Downey
    Adrian Dunbar
    Michelle Fairley
    Bronagh Gallagher
    Brendan Gleeson
    Dan Gordon
    Conleth Hill
    Ciarán Hinds
    Susan Lynch
    Des McAleer
    Martin McCann
    Ian McElhinney
    Sean McGinley
    James Nesbitt
    Liam Neeson
    Emer O’Connor
    Stephen Rea
    Judith Roddy
    Michael Smiley
    Bronagh Waugh
    Mark Garrett
    David Gray
    Andrew Tohill
    Mark Gordon
    Neil Martin
    Richard Hill and Charlie Graham
     The Ulster Orchestra
    Codetta Choir

    Director's Statement

    "Our film is not a documentary but a filmic response to the book and what it represents. It is a film that weaves together high end cinematography, archive film, a commissioned score performed by the Ulster Orchestra and a number of extracts from the book, read by the very best of our acting talent. For us it is a cinematic event that addresses the past - but looks to the future."

    Dermot Lavery

    Dermot Lavery

    United Kingdom

    Lavery is a producer and director, known for ROAD (2014), FROM BELFAST TO DACHAU (2005) and THOSE WERE THE DAYS (2011). He recently collaborated with director Michael Hewitt on the film LOST LIVES (2019), which is a poignant testament to the physical and emotional cost of war, it reflects on the 'Troubles' in Northern Ireland.