Lotte and the Lost Dragons

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    Lotte and the Lost Dragons

    Lotte ja kadunud lohed

    Directed by

    Estonia, Latvia


    78 min

    • Estonian


    Gadgetville’s own Lotte is back again with another madcap adventure! This time the curious little puppy has a new partner-in-crime: her baby sister. The fact that tiny Roosi is still wet behind the ears doesn’t stop Lotte from taking her along for some exploring in a world where magical happenings await at every turn. It doesn’t take long for the two to get wrapped up in a genuine adventure: Karl und Viktor, two professors looking to record the world’s oldest folk songs for a song competition, need their help finding a fire-breathing dragon. Thus begins an exciting, topsy-turvy journey that serves up its share of absurd surprises and encounters with a host of loveable, quirky characters.


    • Kinderfilmfest Audience Award - Filmfest München


    Labels & Line Ups


    Evelin Võigemast
    Helmi Tulev
    Mait Malmsten
    Elina Reinold
    Sepo Seeman
    Andrus Kivirähk
    Janno Põldma
    Sven Grünberg
    Renārs Kaupers
    Heiki Ernits

    Heiki Ernits


    Born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1953, he studied at the Tallinn Pedagogical Institute to become a teacher of art and handicraft. In 1978, he joined the Tallinnfilm Studio as an animator and director. His participation in a state course for film directing in Moscow came to a premature end when he was expelled for publishing a critical caricature. He has worked as a photographer, art teacher, art director and film director. He has also illustrated numerous publications and has made award-winning television commercials. His caricatures have been widely exhibited at home and abroad.

    Janno Põldma

    Janno Põldma


    Born in Tallinn, Estonia in 1950, he joined the Tallinnfilm Studio in 1973 as a camera assistant and later worked there as a cinematographer. After filming over 20 animation films, he made his directing debut in 1991 with the puppet animation BROTHERS AND SISTERS. He has written numerous books and theatre plays for children, some of which he has also directed. His animated film LOTTE AND THE MOONSTONE SECRET, made with Heiki Ernits, screened in Generation in 2012.