Love and Order (episode 1)

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Love and Order (episode 1)

Directed by Leea Klemola

  • Finland 2016; 55 min
  • Original version: Finnish
  • Genre: Comedy drama


Love and Order is a three episode television series. The events are set in the near future in Helsinki.

Since a storm six months ago, the Finnish infrastructure has started to fall apart and everyday life has gone off track. Due to unknown reasons, attempts at reconstruction don’t make progress. Consequences can be seen on an emotional level, too. Especially men are struggling hard and nobody knows why. They are committing irrational crimes or simply going missing, as is the case with the deputy commander of the police force.

The main character is inspector Rauni Kolehmainen. She is competent in predicting disorders caused by men’s emotional behavior, but even she is surprised. Water damage has caused the Helsinki Police Department’s offices to move next door into the offices of the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yleisradio. Due to rare circumstances, society’s continuing growth has stopped and money is not the key issue.



    Jussi Rantamäki