Love, Love, Love
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    Love, Love, Love

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    101 min

    • Greek

    Drama, Thriller

    "Love, Love, Love" unfolds the chronicle of two couples who experience love and passion to its limits: the exotic and forty years old strip-dancer Stella with the loner ex-playboy and fifty years old Nick, but also of Stella’s teenage daughter Fani with the immature Hector. They all lack love and they want it more than anything in the world. Will love be able to change the fate of these people? Will love be able to beat something colossal as fate? And if it can, how far will they go for love?



    Angeliki Papathemeli
    Antonis Papadopoulos
    Nikolitsa Drizi
    Aggelos Valeras
    Mara Darmousli
    Costas Zapas
    Ted Regklis


    Costas Zapas is back with its new cinematic extravaganza and perhaps his most audience friendly film to date.

    Manolis Kranakis, FLIX

    Costas Zapas

    Costas Zapas


    I do not believe in form. I believe in meanings, because that is what makes a film alive.

    Cineuropa named him as «one of the most outstanding directors of contemporary auteur cinema», The Guardian as «one of the main protagonists of the burgeoning Greek new cinema wave» and L’Humanite as “the Greek exception”. He's known for UNCUT FAMILY (2004), THE LAST PORN MOVIE (2006), MINOR FREEDOMS (2008)- financed and coproduced by Lars von Trier’s production company Zentropa -, THE REBELLION OF RED MARIA (2011)and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (2016). All of them have screend at various major international film festivals to excellent reviews and have been released outside Greece.

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