Love Movie

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Love Movie (Liebesfilm)

Directed by Robert Bohrer, Emma Rosa Simon

  • Germany 2018; 82 min
  • Original version: German
  • Genre: Drama


Lenz is a Kreuzberg layabout: funny, charming, imaginative, and incapable of making decisions. When he and Ira become a couple, the two spend a carefree summer together — until Ira makes it clear to Lenz that she wants a baby. She is approaching 40, after all. The thought of having a child frightens Lenz. He runs away and goes back to his old life: sleeping in, partying, and smoking in the kitchen with his friend Kenn. Lenz does miss Ira, though, and when the two happen to meet again, they share a night of passion — and Ira becomes pregnant. This is a romantic comedy full of dry humor and wonderfully surreal ideas.



    Lissi Muschol