Love Still

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    Love Still

    Todavía el amor

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    A 30 years old film director wants to make a documentary about love. His search leads him to a dance for the elderly in an old bar in Montevideo. In this dance he collects 11 stories of love, heartbreak, concrete and unsuccessful dreams, deception, violence and hope. How the future is expected in the final stage of life? Love still?


    • Special Mention - Punta del Este IFF


    Guzmán García
    Marcelo Rabuñal
    Guzmán García
    Sebastián Bednarik
    Santiago Bednarik
    Sofía Scheps
    Julián Crispino Gastelum
    Santiago Bednarik

    Director's Statement

    "There is nothing more fragile than the words mentioned for whom is not used to be listened to."
    Joao Moreira

    What I am interested in presenting with this movie is an emotive portrait of a group of elders who do not believe that their life has already ended. The axis of the theme is based in knowing their love stories, their couple relations after having crossed their life and the desires that they still guard.
    The act of going out to dance matters for me as a very attractive device that allows to show their desires and the routine that they establish trying to support their illusions alive. The need of continuing living and not to sit down waiting for the death to come is the idea that crosses all these prominent figures in the documentary.
    The interviews are dynamic and follow these characters in their small worlds and in the intimacy of their houses, which in turn reveal secrets about them. These interviews respect the word of the interviewed, follow their rhythmical pace and the thread of their recollections, as if they were a song in themselves. There is no voice in off and that leaves to the editing the responsibility of articulating the interesting statements. As expressed by the Brazilian documentary filmmaker Eduardo Coutinho: "The thought expressed in words has absolutely to do with the body. As well as the body walks, stumbles, falls down, the unexpected word is equal, has the movements of the body. " That is why the statements of the loneliness, the need of the physical contact and the sexuality are the topics that these people develop, while they walk to the dance. Besides these narrative aspects there is in the documentary something that interested me very much.
    Almost all the interviewed elders have a very raw way of seeing matters of life. Their vision of couple relations is very pragmatic. In their minds almost there is no place for the romanticism. Those who are alone look for someone who simply helps them to entertain or to leave loneliness as well as the need of physical contact. And couples who have been together for years feel something that is more like complicity than a romantic relation.
    The testimonials that this movie state in a bar where the elders dance, are riddled with sadness, disenchantment and some incomplete loneliness that look with nostalgia at the past. But while they are dancing, they also take againwords of sweetness, wisdom, and especially, an enormous desire of continuing living.

    Guzmán García

    Guzmán García


    Guzmán García is 30 years old and lives in Montevideo, Uruguay.
    In 2005 he got a degree in Communication Sciences, specialized in audio-visual, from ORT University, Montevideo. In this period he films a series of short films: END, ANTONELLA and BASIL, selected to take part in diverse festivals. In 2008 he is assistant director of the feature film "Cachila", directed by Sebastián Bednarik; he also makes the editing for this documentary, selected for the Work in Progress at the Berlin International Film Festival. In 2010 he makes the editing and takes part in the script team of the feature film MUNDALITO directed by Sebastián Bednarik. In 2011 the movie received the awards for best editing and best documentary at the FIPRESI awards.
    In his audio-visual career he has fulfill several roles (editing, assistant direction, publisher and scrip writer), but always favoring the nearness with social issues, with a marked interest for the daily stories that have an impact on his society. LOVE STILL is his first documentary feature film as a director.