Lunar Almanac

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    Lunar Almanac

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    Canada, Chile


    4 min

    • No dialogue

    Experimental, Short

    Moons in a journey through magnetic spheres, influencing subtle energies on Earth....

    Malena Szlam's LUNAR ALMANAC initiates a journey through magnetic spheres with its staccato layering of single-frame, long exposures of a multiplied moon. Shot in 16mm Ektachrome and hand processed, the film's artisanal touches are imbued with nocturnal mystery.



    Malena Szlam
    Malena Szlam
    Malena Szlam

    Malena Szlam


    Born and raised in Chile, Malena Szlam is an artist-filmmaker based in Montréal. Working at the intersection of cinema, installation, and performance, her practice explores the relationship between the natural world, perception, and intuitive process. The poetics developed through her time-based works and in-camera edited films engage the material and affective dimensions of analogue film practice. Szlam’s work has been exhibited in numerous festivals and museums, including the International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Edinburgh International Film Festival, the Toronto International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, the Hong Kong Film Festival, the Museum of Fine Arts Boston, and the Buenos Aires Museum of Modern Art. A recent retrospective of her work was presented at Los Angeles Filmforum. Her films include ALTIPLANO (2018), MORFOLOGÍA DE UN SUEÑO (2018), LUNAR ALMANAC (2013), ANAGRAMS OF LIGHT (2011), RHYTHM TRAIL (2010-11), BENEATH YOUR SKIN OF DEEP HOLLOW (2010) and CHRONOGRAM OF INEXISTENT TIME (2008). Her installations include Por la noche volvió delirando todo es agua (2011), Through the Margin of Mirrors (2010), Chronogram of Inexistent Time (2008), Una esfera cuyo centro está en todas partes (2005) and Milimetraje (2004).

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