M for Markus

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    M for Markus

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    30 min

    • Danish

    Experimental, Short

    A female police detective, Tess, discovers a mutilated body in a crime scene. Her search for the killer leads her to the young and innocent-looking Markus. Immediately attracted to Markus, her attraction to him leads her deep into a dreamy and grotesque world where her relationship to Markus is changed upside down - and inside out.



    Camilla Stage
    Lior David Cohen
    Caspar Phillipson
    Ali Abbasi
    Thor Ochsner
    Sturla Brandth Grovlen
    Ali Abbasi
    Thor Ochsner
    Peter Helms
    Ali  Abbasi

    Ali Abbasi


    I am interested in unfulfilled wishes, untold thoughts, dreams and impulses. Here lies the power of cinema: to show what is hidden in all its beauty and vulgarity. In that way cinema becomes the pornography of life.

    Ali Abbasi (born 1981, Iran) has a background in literature with several short stories published in Persian. In 2002 he travelled to Europe, where he finally settled in Stockholm, Sweden to study architecture. In 2007, Ali graduated with a BA in architecture and subsequently enrolled at the National Film School of Denmark, where he studied directing. His graduation film was the short film M FOR MARKUS (2011), following OFFICER RELAXING AFTER DUTY (2008). Ali’s First feature SHELLEY was screened in the Panorama section at Berlinale 2016 to positive reviews and was nominated for the First Feature Award. His most recent film, BORDER (2018), premiered at the Festival de Cannes where it won the Un Certain Regard Prize.

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