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Directed by Dominic Sangma

  • India 2018; 123 min
  • Original version: Garo
  • Genre: Drama


Philip (85) lives everyday for 30 years in hope that one day he will be reunited with his wife in afterlife. But his yearning is jeopardize by the dream he had about her- in which he searches for her among the crowd of women in a barren landscape but he could not recognize his wife’s face no matter how much he struggled. Tormented by the doubt whether dead people too grow old like us. Or will their appearance change with time? He puts all effort to ensure his reunion with his wife and to do whatever it takes to retain the fading memories of his wife’s face from his mind. But this quest of Philip demands him to face the things that he had avoided for thirty years and at this stage it’s no more a choice but the only gate to open and walk through it.



    Dominic Sangma