Made in Ash

Not available for screening anymore

Made in Ash (Az do mesta as)

Directed by Iveta Grófová

  • Slovak Republic 2012; 84 min
  • Original version: Czech, Slovak, German
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special Mention - Crossing Europe FF

  • Slovak submission for the Academy Awards


After getting her diploma, Dorota decides to leave the small village in Slovakia where she lives with her family and to try to find work in the town of Aš, in western Bohemia, where her boyfriend will join her once she is settled in. Like many Slovakian and Ukrainian immigrants, she finds a job in the city’s textile factory as a seamstress and in her free time tries to forget how tired she is and have some fun. But her decision to make a change in her life takes a nasty turn and her longed-for dream soon becomes a nightmare.

Director's Statement

Dorota comes from a small Slovak village and does not have much to choose from. She decides to work as a seamstress in a town on the Czech-German border, where her dreams slowly turn to ash. The story of her life in Aš is a mundane and everyday one. My priority was to most truthfully capture the motives of the girls in Aš towards making these harsh, life-changing decisions, which on the surface can come across as immoral.



    Jiri Lonecny