Maj Doris

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Maj Doris

Directed by Jon Blåhed

  • Sweden, Norway 2018; 73 min
  • Original version: Swedish, Saami
  • Genre: Documentary


Some people have a special ability to live their life to the fullest and to be present in everything they do. One of them is the 74-year-old artist Maj Doris, who has travelled around the world and today lives on her own in a small house in the beautiful northern Swedish wilderness, where the northern lights undulate across the mountains. As a sought-after artist with exhibitions and a genuine interest in the young, it is natural for her to be surrounded by people. A young, Afghan man helps her out on the farm. To show her gratitude, she entertains him and his friends at the local burger bar about the time when she discovered rock n' roll! One almost feels a form of gratitude for being able to join her in her living room, when she with deep concentration lies in her bed and smokes a cigarette, while listening to a young woman singing on a record. A fantastic person in a gorgeous, close-up portrait.

Director's Statement

We knew early on that we wanted to film this documentary during the coldest winter months. Maj Doris' home is a very special place, north of the arctic circle in Sápmi/Sweden. We wanted the audience to feel the calmness, the cold and the isolation. Maj Doris is a living legend in the Sámi community, known for her work with art and her progressive mindset. Therefore, we aimed to make a documentary that looked, sounded and felt beautiful to conform with this extraordinary woman.




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