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    • Norwegian
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    Manifesto is a fictional story about an art school, which on the surface functions as an institute of fine art in a large, consolidated university. Secretly however, the institute operates as an autonomous, experimen- tal school with its own rules for teaching, evaluation, reporting, planning, admissions and management. For example, a ”pseudo-dean” acts as if he is the head of the institute, while students and staff have elected another, unofficial rector. Advanced courses are announced on the digital learning platform, all the while other, secret projects, which only students and teachers know about, are carried out and presented analogously only. Since preparing food at school is not allowed, the students have constructed a mobile kitchen hidden inside a wall, and since they feel that art education should be open for everyone, they invite people into the school undercover.


    • KNF award - IFF Rotterdam



    Ane Hjort Guttu
    Patrik Säfström FNF
    Jon Endre Mørk

    Director's Statement

    Manifesto was created after many years ́ experience as a teacher and professor of fine art at various educational institutions. I have seen how these institutions have changed to the almost unrecognizable over the last 20 years.This is not only the case for art education, but for most programmes and classes throughout the universities, and the changes are symptomatic of a major political and social reorganization of the public sector in Europe.This reorganization has instituted a greater degree of control: structurally in the form of new and complex administrative procedures and management tools. Architecturally, as teaching and learning increasingly takes place in newbuilds with open building plans and transparent walls and floors. And digitally, as new digital learning platforms, assessment tools and databases are constantly being introduced.Altogether, this creates a learning environment where students and teachers are being observed, and observe one another, in an ever performing enactment of teacher/student roles. My vision for Manifesto was to explore a way to overcome, or undermine, this situation, by constructing a secret ”temporary autonomous zone” inside the university. I am interested in the contrast between two opposite types of aesthetics; the messy and disorganized materials, objects and activities produced at an art school, and the typical architecture of contemporary education, with its glass facades, balanced ventilation, atria and mezzanines. The film is shot at the Oslo National Academy of the Arts and the Faculty of Art, Music and Design in Bergen University.

    Ane Hjort Guttu

    Ane Hjort Guttu


    Ane Hjort Guttu, b. 1971, is an artist, filmmaker and writer based in Oslo. During the last years she has been working with issues of power and freedom in the Scandinavian post-welfare state through a range of work in various media; mainly film, but also video installations, photography collections, sculpture and graphic prints. Guttu also writes analytical as well as poetic texts, and several of her projects discusses art and architecture history. Her film works range from scripted fiction to classical documentary, a position which is reflected in Guttu ́s practice in general. Here, the artistic work itself - the role of the artist and the potential of art - constantly finds itself in an ambivalent position: as an object of investigation, but at the same time faithful to art as a critical and political tool.

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