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Directed by Sandro Aguilar

  • Portugal 2018; 86 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Fiction


"We've got tonight. Who needs tomorrow?" A man at church, seated apart from the rest. A woman looking over her shoulder. The man’s face that carries injuries inside and out. Paulo’s daughter died in tragic circumstances. He no longer lives with her mother and works by night as a security guard on a building site. When his shift is over, he often spends the night at the home of his lover Luisa and her son Rui. He regards their unstable neighbour Felipe warily, who likes to go hunting; his dog just won’t stop barking. A knife. A burglary. A nightmare. A wolf’s head. Splinters of glass in dog food. Puzzling love affairs. First aid instructions. Light and shadow alternate to reveal and obscure what’s actually happening. Places, people and actions seem almost to run together in the darkness of the night."The things I feel do not feel like things I've felt before."



    Fabienne Martinot