Meeting Jim

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    Meeting Jim

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    Turkey, Spain, Germany, UK, Cuba


    76 min

    • French
    • English


    The captivating story of Jim Haynes, an extraordinary 83-year-old man who grabbed with heart and soul the spirit of the 60s and continued to carry it throughout his life.
    Haynes is a networker supreme whose open Sunday dinners in Paris are legendary and whose journey from the US to Edinburgh, London and Paris saw him make contacts and friends wherever he travelled. Haynes established the very first paperback bookshop in Britain; co-founded the Traverse Theatre, the newspaper I.T., the underground pop club U.F.O., and the London Arts Lab.



    Jim Haynes
    Gilliam de la Torre

    Director's Statement

    The idea of making a documentary about Jim Haynes, who, according to The Guardian is the ‘founder of the social network’, was developed at one of Jim’s regular Sunday gatherings. His house(s) have become synonymous with the birth of many projects, a home for the formation of artistic and cultural projects. Without showing any prejudgments, Jim has never frayed from keeping his front door wide open to thousands that have come from every corner of the world. Not locking the door of his house is one of the most visible signs of how open and trusting he can be.
    MEETING JIM was incidentally conceived under Jim’s roof and produced by a number of international filmmakers. According to Jim, “if people could meet each other more easily, the world would become a better place”. Due to the increasing number of violent images we are constantly exposed to worldwide today, we find ourselves drifting further away from a positive attitudes and feelings of hope. Spending time with Jim has shown me that despite the dark course of events in the world, an optimistic approach is still within reach. While Jim can love others and life itself with almost childlike naivety, through this film, I hope to be able to offer people a more hopeful way of seeing things by using Jim’s life as an example.



    A documentary as genial, accessible and likable as its subject, Meeting Jim shines a welcome, belated spotlight on a major cultural figure who until now has been content to work his gentle magic from the sidelines. 

    Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

    Ece Ger

    Ece Ger


    Ece is a filmmaker who received her Masters Degree in Film Studies at the University of Kent in 2015. This Masters programme took place both in the UK and Paris. A few years earlier, she had graduated in Film Studies at Bilgi University, Istanbul. Ece has made a number of short films, music videos and a short documentary as well as participated in various national and international film projects. Her short film TEN (2012), was screened and awarded in several film festivals around the world. MEETING JIM (2018) is her first feature-length film.