Memories of My Body

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    Memories of My Body

    Kucumbu Tubuh Indahku

    Directed by



    106 min

    • Indonesian
    • Javanese


    Juno is just a child when his father abandons him in their village of Center Java. Alone now, he joins a Lengger dance centre where men shape their feminine appearance and movement. But the sensuality and sexuality that come from dance and bodies, mixed with the violent social and political Indonesian environment, force Juno to move from village to village. If on his journey Juno gets attention and love from his dance teachers, his weird aunty, his old uncle, a handsome boxer and a Warok, he still has to face by himself the battlefield that his body is becoming.


    • Best Film - Festival des 3 Continents
    • Cultural Diversity Award - Asia Pacific Screen Awards
    • Indonesia's Submission for the 92nd Academy Awards



    Muhammad Khan
    Raditya Evandra
    Randy Pangalila
    Whani Darmawan
    Garin Nugroho
    Teoh Gay Hian
    Greg Arya
    Mondo Gascaro
    Garin Nugroho

    Garin Nugroho


    Garin Nugroho was born in Jogjakarta, Indonesia on June 6th 1961 and completed his studies in 1985 at the film academy in Jakarta. Nugroho's debut film LOVE IS A SLICE OF BREAD (aka Cinta dalam Sepotong Roti, 1991) garnered six Citra Award nominations (Best Director, Best Movie, Best Editing, Best Music, Best Artistic Scenes and Best Cinematography) at the 1991 Indonesian Film Festival. Nugroho was selected as the Best Young Director at the Asia Pacific International Film Festival in Seoul the following year. LETTER FOR AN ANGEL (aka Surat untuk Bidadari, 1994) won Best Film at the Taormina Film Festival and the Tokyo International Film Festival, while Nugroho himself received Best Director at the Pyongyang International Film Festival and the Young Filmmakers Jury Award at the Berlin Film Festival. His film LEAF ON A PILLOW (aka Daun di Atas Bantal, 1998) won the Special Jury Prize at the Tokyo International Film Festival in 1998. After his mother’s death in 2005, Nugroho decided to make a film about Javanese culture. He was later commissioned by the government of Austria to make a film for the 250th Anniversary of Mozart’s birth. The result, OPERA JAWA, was based on Ramayana and was produced by Simon Fields. In 2008, Nugroho returned to the theatre with The Iron Bed, adapted from Opera Jawa. The play was shown at the Zürcher Theater Spektakel in Zurich, Switzerland. Nugroho continues to work as a prolific creator of features, documentaries and shorts. He is also also a film critic for several Indonesian newspapers and a lecturer at the University of Indonesia.

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