Memories, on the Road to Auschwitz

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Memories, on the Road to Auschwitz (Memorie, in viaggio verso Auschwitz)

Directed by Danilo Monte

  • Italy 2014; 76 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Avanti! Award - Torino FF


Roberto loves history, in particular WWII. His life has been marked by drugs, communities and prison, but also by movies and literature. For his thirtieth birthday, his brother gives him a slow journey, by train, to a destination that is off the beaten track. A journey to Auschwitz, a walk back in time to rediscover the roots of their relationship.

Director's Statement

In an attempt to interpret the thoughts of my maestro Alberto Grifi, I could say that the film counts as a process of human relations that are set in motion during its realization. In this sense, MEMORIES is a therapeutic, personal movie. It springs from the controversial and difficult relationship between my brother and me, and it represents a possibility I gave myself to recreate a dialogue that had been missing for years. The language is spare and minimal: during the shooting I worked instinctively, without worrying about the shots, only trying to confront myself with my brother, an attitude that became even stronger during the editing, during which I refused any artifice.



    Danilo Monte 


    Laura D'amore