Men with Balls

Not available for screening anymore

Men with Balls

Directed by Kristof Kovacs

  • Hungary 2013; 68 min
  • Original version: Hungarian
  • Genre: Documentary

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The Hungarian village of Besence is situated on a dead-end road. It has a population of only 126, and there is 98% unemployment. But energetic Mayor Ignác has decided to put his poor village on the map. He applies here, there and everywhere for funds, and he succeeds in getting money for two projects: a horticultural project and a tennis court. Tennis in Besence? Well, why not? After the official opening and inauguration of the court, Kari the coach makes his entrance into the village pushing a shopping trolley full of tennis balls and rackets. There is great interest at first, and the first tennis season gets off to a brisk start. After all, it’s better than waiting for a job. The tone is optimistic: “I don’t think about my mortgage because tennis has set me free!” Fluidly edited scenes of village life alternate with the daily grind of concerns about money, work, and of course tennis. Summer in Besence passes by in an easy, laid-back rhythm. But it’s not long before tensions emerge around the court. Will the mayor be able to maintain the same level of enthusiasm if the melon harvest fails? And will he and Kari the coach ultimately succeed in getting their Besence Open off the ground?




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