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Directed by Alberto Fasulo

  • Italy, Romania 2018; 103 min
  • Original version: Italian
  • Genre: Drama
    • Grand Prix - Annecy Italian FF


Italy. Late 1500. The Roman Catholic Church, feeling threatened in its hegemony by the Protestant Reformation, launches the first systematic ideological war of a state for the total control of consciences. The new confessional, designed precisely in these years, is transformed from a place of consolation of souls to a court of mind. Listening, spying and denouncing the next become compulsory practices, punishment: excommunication, imprisonment or burning. Menocchio, an old, stubborn, self-taught miller from a small village lost in the mountains of Friuli, decides to rebel. Sought for heresy, he does not listen to the pleas of friends and family and instead of fleeing or negotiating, he faces the process. He is not only tired of abuse, taxes, injustice, Menocchio is genuinely convinced that he is equal to the bishops, the inquisitors and even the Pope, so much so that in his innermost hope, he feels and believes he can reconvert them to an ideal of poverty and love.



    Nadia Trevisan 

International Sales


    Fabio Tucci, Marco Valerio Fusco