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    Directed by

    Italy, Romania


    103 min

    • Italian


    Italy. Late 1500. The Roman Catholic Church, feeling threatened in its hegemony by the Protestant Reformation, launches the first systematic ideological war of a state for the total control of consciences. The new confessional, designed precisely in these years, is transformed from a place of consolation of souls to a court of mind. Listening, spying and denouncing the next become compulsory practices, punishment: excommunication, imprisonment or burning. Menocchio, an old, stubborn, self-taught miller from a small village lost in the mountains of Friuli, decides to rebel. Sought for heresy, he does not listen to the pleas of friends and family and instead of fleeing or negotiating, he faces the process. He is not only tired of abuse, taxes, injustice, Menocchio is genuinely convinced that he is equal to the bishops, the inquisitors and even the Pope, so much so that in his innermost hope, he feels and believes he can reconvert them to an ideal of poverty and love.


    • Grand Prix - Annecy Italian FF


    Labels & Line Ups


    Marcello Martini
    Maurizio Fanin
    Carlo Baldracchi
    Nilla Patrizio
    Emanuele Bertossi
    Agnese Fior
    Mirko Artuso
    Giuseppe Scarfì
    David Wilkinson
    Roberto Dellai
    Gino Segatti
    Enrico Vecchi
    Alberto Fasulo
    Alberto Fasulo
    Paolo Forte


    A great film in its simplicity that seems to feed on references to the past (Caravaggio, Mannerism) but also the present (Carmelo Bene, Romeo Castellucci). Hypnotic and touching.

    Giorgia Del Don, Cineuropa

    Alberto Fasulo

    Alberto Fasulo


    I will consider (a film) “successful” only to the degree in which it speaks to anyone who experiences this paradox at his own expense.

    Alberto Fasulo is a director and Nefertiti Film’s producer. During his twenty years of experience, he has delved into different techniques and genres, departing from traditional paths and focusing his artistic and narrative research on the human being. His films have participated in international festivals and been distributed in Italy and abroad. His last film, MENOCCHIO (2018), was presented at the International Competition of the Locarno Festival in 2018 and was declared the Critic’s Film by the National Union of Italian Cinematographic Reviewers (SNCCI).

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