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Miracle (Zázrak)

Directed by Juraj Lehotský

  • Czech Republic, Slovak Republic 2013; 78 min
  • Original version: Slovak
  • Genre: Drama
    • East of West Award - Special Mention- Karlovy Vary IFF
    • Best Film - Arras IFF
    • Best Actress - Vilnius IFF
    • Special Prize for an Outstanding Actress - Cottbus FF


Forced into a correctional facility by her mother, fifteen-year old Ela is a troubled teenager trapped by the confines of authority. Cut off from the outside world, she keeps to herself, preferring to spend her time in solitude writing letters to her thirty-year-old security-guard boyfriend, Roby. After escaping during New Year's celebrations, she moves in with him, in the garage below the train tracks he calls home. Ela is willing to look past his drug addiction and lack of prospects, going so far as to offer to sell her body in a scheme that would wipe away his debt. Although she succeeds, she is disillusioned by Roby's apathy and returns to the correctional facility where, pinballing from one unstable relationship to another and hardened by the necessity of relying on herself in the real world, Ela is faced with a life-changing decision.



    Zuzana Bielikova