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Missing Johnny

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Missing Johnny

Directed by Huang Xi

  • Taiwan 2017; 104 min
  • Original version: Mandarin
  • Genre: Drama
    • Best Supporting Actor, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best New Talent - Taipei Film Awards
    • Best New Actress, Best New Producer - Chinese Young Generation Film Forum
    • Best New Performer (Rima Zeidan) - Golden Horse Awards

  • From the director of ORDINARY PEOPLE presented at HAF


Hsu moved to Taipei alone. Recently, she starts to receive phone calls looking for a guy named Johnny. These wrong calls stir up her emotions and prompt her curiosity to put together Johnny’s life piece by piece.
Lee is the son of Hsu’s landlord living downstairs. Everyday, Lee listens to his own recordings that repeatedly play his reading of books, newspaper columns or radio contents. Ever since he finds out Hsu’s got a new bird, he can’t concentrate on his daily routines but to pursue her and her birds.
Feng is a wandering foreman hired by Lee’s mother and starts a renovation site nearby Lee’s apartment. His beloved old car breaks down on the way to the Lee’s. He’s bewildered by paranoia. Upon the commencement of the construction site, Feng, Lee and Hsu come together because of a lost bird. Their lives merge and cross. Transient beauty from the crisscross of people blooms hereafter.

Director's Statement

Memories are carved into city landscapes by people. To tell urban stories, one needs to unravel the doldrums of everyday life. Steering away from solitude of urban individuals, we capture and confront the very face of flashing emotions.




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