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    La Mer du milieu

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    73 min

    • French
    • Arabic


    Almost all of public space is under surveillance: this is now a firmly established commonplace. The eyes of technique are constantly and undiscriminately recording landscapes and unfolding action. With this tribute to Jean-Daniel Pollet’s famous Méditerranée, Jean-Marc Chapoulie imagines making a film devoted to such « sea of the midst ». A film based on montage, this time, gathering views (the way one would speak of « Lumière brothers views ») found on the internet from strategically placed surveillance cameras facing the mediterranean sea all along its north and south shores: at hotel peaks, beaches, along the coasts, harbour zones, and so on. Well-accustomed to bricolage with images found here and there, Chapoulie decides to alter these shots: he changes their colour, plays with the sounds he adds. He also lets three o -screen voices be heard. His own, as the father of a young boy whom he engages in dialogue with about the images before our eyes: a free commentary on their nature, their uses, their value, a humble pedagogy of the gaze upon today’s possible cinema. Yet another voice is to be heard, Nathalie Quintane’s, a writer he conceived.


    • Grand Prix of the French Competition - FID Marseille



    Jean-Marc Chapoulie
    Nathalie Quintane
    Jean-Marc Chapoulie
    Véronique Aubouy
    Jean-Marc Chapoulie
    Jean-Marc Chapoulie

    Jean-Marc Chapoulie


    Jean-Marc Chapoulie was born in 1967 in Poitiers, France. Artist, filmmaker, video artist and teacher, he is also curator and collaborator of the Fresh Théorie magazine. In the nineties, he worked with André S. Labarthe and Janine Bazin for the collection CINEMA OF OUR TIME. Exhibition curator in 2001 at the Biennale de Lyon, he was invited as an artist in 2005 with his film TDF06 about Tour de France. He has participated in more than fifty exhibitions around the world and he recently presented his installation 'Re: Re Méditerranée' at the Centre Pompidou. He is currently a teacher at the ESAAA (Experimental School of Arts Annecy Alpes) where he directs a research line Film Folk Archive in collaboration with the CNEAI (Centre National Edition Art Image) and the CRESSON (Centre de Recherche sur l'Espace Sonore et l'environnement urbain). His documentary MITTELMEER (2019) had its world premiere at FID Marseille.