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Monsterman (Monsterimies)

Directed by Antti Haase

  • Norway, Sweden, Finland 2014; 85 min
  • Original version: Finnish, English
  • Genre: Documentary

  • DOXA Vancouver


Tomi Putansuu is an elusive heavy metal star, who hides his true identity behind an elaborate monster mask and alter ego, Mr. Lordi. In 2006 his band Lordi took part in the Eurovision Song Contest and won. At the same time this was a great victory but also a great sacrifice for Tomi; he had to yield to an alien set of values. Consequently he relinquished his creativity but gained a vast audience, something that he had always wanted since he was a boy. As the band starts to record their new album, Tomi strives to regain his creativity. But will the band stick together and keep on rocking?



    Venla Hellstedt, Jouko Aaltonen