Moomins on the Riviera

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    Moomins on the Riviera

    Directed by

    France, Finland


    76 min

    • French
    • English
    • Finnish
    • Swedish


    The Moomins are struck by the sudden inspiration to take a vacation from Moominvalley. They set sail by moonlight, are thrown off course by a typhoon and end up on the Riviera. The Moomins quickly mistake the finest hotel, Le Grand, for a privately owned mansion. Eager to fit in, Moominpappa decides that the family will from now on be “de Moomins”. Whereupon, they are promptly offered the royal suite. Moominpappa and Snorkmaiden are delighted with the high life on the Riviera, although Moominmamma and Moomin do not share their delight with this glamorous lifestyle. To Moomin’s chagrin, an international playboy, Clark, has designs on Snorkmaiden. To fit in with the jet set, she tries her luck successfully at the Casino. Moominpappa and his new best friend Marquis Mongaga share a common interest in mischief, and in the wee hours of the morning, they replace the Governor’s statue in the town square with one of Mongaga’s massive elephant sculptures. Sensing the effect this high life is having on her family, an exasperated Moominmamma moves with Moomin to live under their old boat, and wait for the others to come to their senses. A slight calm prevails, until Moomin spots Snorkmaiden flirting with Clark and immediately challenges him to a duel. Moomin miraculously wins the duel, regaining Snorkmaiden’s heart. Meanwhile, Moominpappa is arrested for disorderly conduct, and escapes to the beach, where Moominmamma has prepared their quick getaway. Homeward bound, a fierce storm threatens to wreck their little boat. The Moomins become lost at sea. From a cliff top in Moominvalley, Snufkin spots the tops of Moominmamma’s tropical plants ; «Only Moominmamma would grow a forest out at sea. They’re coming home!», he exclaims and promptly launches a lifeboat. That night, the Moomins celebrate their safe return to Moominvalley, and Snorkmaiden feels right at home – next to Moomin.



    Russell Tovey
    Tracy Ann Oberman
    Nathaniel Parker
    Stephanie Winiecki
    Leslie Stewart
    Annina Enckell
    Hanna Hemilä
    Xavier Picard
    Beata Harju

    Director's Statement

    My intention is to pay homage to Tove Jansson’s original works by adapting them for their original audience: the child inside each adult. Based on the original story «Moomin on the Riviera», the main character - Moomin – is torn between the simple life of Moominvalley, and the luxurious showbiz lifestyle that his beloved Snorkmaiden craves. In Jansson’s strips, each vignette is constructed with exceptional artistic skill, which serves as direct inspiration for the composition and rhythm of Moomins on the Riviera. Frame by frame, each scene is hand-drawn. In every sequence, a dominant color will be broken down into a sophisticated monochrome palette (in French: camaieu). The audio universe will consist of composed music, voices and a mixture of realistic and abstract sound effects in the style of Jacques Tati. My ambition is to extend the work of Tove Jansson, while keeping in mind her motto: “Live in peace, plant potatoes and dream”.



    Every single scene of this old-school film, completely animated by hand, is a feast for the eye.

    Sarah Steensig,

    Xavier Picard

    Xavier Picard


    French-born writer, director and producer Xavier Picard’s prolific international film career includes over 300 hours of animation with i.a. Jean Chalopin, Hanna Barbera, Luc Besson and Mamoru Oshii. Xavier’s work has been distributed in more than 100 countries by Avi Arad, Bohbot Int., Nippon Animation, TF1 Int. and Freemantle Media. Xavier Picard directed seven animated short films for the French pavillon at the World Expo Shanghai 2010 and he was a faculty member of the prestigious CFT Gobelins Animation University in France. In 2000, Xavier Picard co-founded Pictak with the Japanese Producer Takashi Masunaga. Pictak produces and co-produces animated films and series for worldwide markets. Pictak collaborates with animation studios in Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, Canada, as well as with premier 3D and 2D studios in France. Some of Pictak’s most notable co-productions include the series MARCELINO, ODD FAMILY and VALERIAN. His latest film THE PRINCE'S VOYAGE (2019), co-directed with Jean-François Laguionie, was selected in the Fuori Concorso section at Locarno FF.

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