Moravia, O Fair Land III
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    Moravia, O Fair Land III

    Directed by

    Czech Republic


    68 min

    • Czech

    Comedy drama

    What do folklore, blackmetal and zombies have in common? Ivana Slabáková, the 1st lady of Moravian folklore music, announces a historical discovery - The Script of Mikulčice, an ancient document revealing the importance of Great Moravia, the once mighty kingdom and early adopter of Christianity in Central Europe. Slabáková puts together Moravian patriots, a troupe of pensioned theatre amateurs and the regional head of Satanist Church, to perform a splashy musical performance based on the finding. However, the climax of the show reanimates the dead from ancient Pagan burial grounds and zombie apocalypse ensues. During an epic clash of cultures, Moravia’s Christian invaders are wiped out. After that, life goes back to normal - folklore music plays again, zombies work the vineyard and hope for even better harvest ever after. Make Moravia Great Again!

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    Lukáš Jiřička
    Matěj Piňos
    Marie Hájková
    Tomáš Procházka
    Michal Cáb
    Petr Šprincl

    Petr Šprincl

    Czech Republic

    Petr Šprincl studied under Václav Stratil at the FAVU Studio of Intermedia in Brno. He is the co-founder of the Flesh & Brain art project, which focuses on producing audiovisual projects. Jihlava IDFF has screened his film MORAVIA, BEAUTIFUL LAND (2015) and his short films BLUE BOX (2013) and WARPED JÁN (2014), both made in collaboration with Marie Hájková. The latter received the Main Jury Prize and the Audience Award at the 12th Festival of Film Animation in Olomouc.