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More (Daha)

Directed by Onur Saylak

  • Turkey 2017; 115 min
  • Original version: Arabic, Turkish
  • Genre: Drama
    • Young Jury Prize - CineMed Brussels
    • FIPRESCI Prize - Valladolid IFF


Gaza is a 14-year-old boy who lives on the Aegean coast of Turkey. Together with his domineering father, he helps smuggle refugees to Europe, giving them temporary shelter and scant food until they attempt their crossing. Gaza dreams of escaping this life of crime, but can’t help being drawn into a dark world of immorality, exploitation and human suffering. Can you avoid becoming a monster when you’ve been raised by one?

Director's Statement

Gaza’s story starts with a simple question: what is the primary tool that human beings used? Yet, no question is simple for a boy like Gaza, who in such an early age, had to turn into a human trafficker. In this brutal reality people are just objects. Unexceptional objects that need to be carried from one place in the world to another. Neither do they have a name nor a past. Neither do they have feeling nor dreams. Therefore, Gaza discovered the answer of the very first question just when he was a boy: “the primary tool that human beings used was another human being”. And the value of that tool, changes from era to era…


  • AY YAPıM


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