Mosaic Portrait

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    Mosaic Portrait

    Ma sai ke shao nü

    Directed by



    107 min

    • Mandarin


    While her friends want to fall in love, get married and do nothing, 14-year-old Ying dreams of living a different life elsewhere. Her troubling escapism also reflects the wretched fact that she suddenly finds herself pregnant. When she makes a surprising revelation as to the identity of the unborn child’s father, the quest for justice begins.


    • Jury Prize - Marrakech IFF



    Wang Yanhui
    Wang Chuanjun
    Zhang Tongxi
    Zhai Yixiang
    Wang Weihua
    Matthieu Laclau
    Cai Yanshan

    Director's Statement

    This is a story about a victim and her living environment. As China’s large population and rapid economic development lead to an imbalanced distribution of resources, the cities and villages are turning into two parallel worlds that nonetheless stay entwined and affected by each other. In the film, a frustrated urban journalist engages himself in a sexual assault investigation in a rural village. Everyone connected to the case only cares to find the culprit by his or her own judgment, deserting the victim in her plight. As each character behind the case is born with a different space-time coordinate, the misalignments of these coordinates in turn create gaps in what they see and feel, like how a piece of portrait is essentially a mosaic composition of countless distinctive pixels. This is also a story of binary oppositions. Beside the narrative itself, it portrays the relationship between the urban and rural, the civilized and savaged, the male and female, the abusers and abused, and all in all, the differences between you and me.



    There is so much more to the protagonist than helpless victimhood, and it is this invested respect for her juddering, spiky development that makes MOSAIC PORTRAIT so unusual a depiction of teenager...

    Jessica Kiang, Variety

    Yixiang Zhai

    Yixiang Zhai


    Born in 1987, Zhai Yixiang is a young director and screenwriter living in Beijing. His debut feature film This Worldly Life (2014) was selected as one of the official finalists in the 11th Chinese Independent Film Festival, and awarded Best Artist Contribution in the 9th FIRST International Film Festival, as well as K26 Best Feature Film in the 15th Filmfest Hamburg. His second feature MOSAIC PORTRAIT (2019) (2018) won several significant funds before completion, including the Grand Prize in the Golden Horse Film Project Promotion and the White Light Post-Production Award in the WIP Lab of Hong Kong-Asia Film Financing Forum. It was selected in official competition at KVIFF.