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Mrs.B, a North Korean Woman

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Mrs.B, a North Korean Woman (Madame B, histoire d’une Nord-Coréenne)

Directed by Jéro Yun

  • France, South Korea 2016; 71 min
  • Original version: Korean, Chinese
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Best International Documentary - Zurich FF

  • Jeonju IFF

  • From the director of MAN OF THE SEA presented at Asian Project Market


Mrs. B. worked in a weapons factory in North Korea. Ten years ago, she left her village for China. She intended to work there for a few months then go back home to her husband and their two sons. But she was sold by traffickers to Jin, a poor Chinese peasant. She has become a smuggler herself and she plans to reunite with her two sons who are now living in South Korea. Arrested by the police while crossing illegally the Thai border, she is transferred to the South Korean immigration service. Mrs B is now living in Seoul with her two sons. But to finally start a new life with her sons, Mrs. B. has to fight for justice. She has been accused of spying and trafficking by National Intelligence Service. A new battle begins for her.




  • SU:M


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