Mrs. Hyde

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    Mrs. Hyde

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    92 min

    • French

    Dark Comedy

    Mrs. Géquil is a shy teacher despised by her colleagues and students. On a stormy night, while conducting an experiment in her lab, she is struck by lightning and faints. When she wakes up, she feels decidedly different… and the appearance of the dangerous Mrs. Hyde soon impacts on Mrs. Géquil’s teaching methods.


    • Pardo for Best Actress (Isabelle Huppert) - FF Locarno


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    Isabelle Huppert
    José Garcia
    Romain Duris
    Axelle Ropert
    Serge Bozon
    Céline Bozon
    François Quiqueré
    Benjamin Esdraffo

    Director's Statement

    This is a film about school or, more precisely, about the difficulty inherent in the transmission of learning. Indeed, Madame Géquil's tardy educational success will "burn her wings" (and the rest). Only by becoming another woman will she be able to pass something on to her students at last. Except that this other woman won't stop there! Her newfound authority is merely one stage in a headlong movement that is beyond Madame Géquil's control. In short, the transformation that has allowed her to realize herself finally as a teacher will turn out to be very dangerous. No metamorphosis is entirely harmless: who can say how far the internal changes that allow us to find success at last really go? I am not of course claiming that the murder of teenagers is the price to pay for educational success! Stevenson's story allows me to deal with school today, its difficulties and its hopes. Moreover, it allows me to tackle the question referred to above ("who can say how far the internal changes that allow us to find success at last really go?") within the framework of a story that, I hope, is funny, unsettling and dynamic. One important point about the high school scenes: most of the comical or apparently "wacky" scenes in the screenplay, like the two supervised educational projects or the minute of silence requested by the principal following the death of a student are strictly factual. Teachers working in the Paris suburbs related these anecdotes to me. Indeed, I devise the screenplay in close collaboration with teachers. They told me stories and I regularly attended classes. Finally, I also used my own experience, having taught three years in high schools in the Paris suburbs



    Mrs. Hyde takes us far away into a world where the calm turns into a miraculous storm.

    Stefan Dobroiu, Cineuropa

    Serge Bozon

    Serge Bozon


    Serge Bozon has directed films (MODS, LA FRANCE), written on cinema and acted in the films of Jean-Claude Guiguet, Jean Paul Civeyrac, Sandrine Rinaldi, Pierre Léon, Axelle Ropert, Jean-Charles Fitoussi, Judith Cahen, among others.

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