Murder in Pacot

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    Murder in Pacot

    Meurtre à Pacot

    Directed by

    France, Haiti, Norway


    130 min

    • French


    Haiti after the devastating earthquake of 2010. Streets, houses and bridges have collapsed and men in white protective gear are retrieving thousands of dead bodies. A middle-class couple’s large home in Port-au-Prince has also been badly damaged. A building authority orders the owners to renovate immediately otherwise their house will be pulled down. To raise the money needed for this, the couple moves into the former servants’ quarters and rents out the only habitable room in the house to the head of an international aid organisation named Alex. But the young man is not alone. He is accompanied by a 17-year-old Haitian woman named Andrémise, who wants to change her name to Jennifer in the hope that this will help her to meet foreigners. Andrémise’s provocative and positive approach to life and love soon throws the cat among the pigeons. After his documentary Fatal Assistance Raoul Peck now takes a look at the effect of the earthquake on the country’s middle-class. Inspired by Pasolini’s classic 1968 work Teorema, Peck’s film is an intense and intimate drama about social contrasts that also poses fundamental questions about responsibility and justice in the face of catastrophe.



    Alex Descas
    Thibault Vinçon
    Lovely Kermonde Fifi
    Albert Moléon
    Lyonel Trouillot
    Pascal Bonitzer
    Raoul Peck
    Soledad Rodriguez
    Andrés Pepe Estrada
    Alexei Aigui

    Director's Statement

    Visually it was incredible, this image of wealth, totally crumbled.



    With masterful pacing and precise performances, Peck's film explores the fundamental questions of citizenship, responsibility, and justice that have challenged Haitian society ever since it emerged from decades of dictatorship. Murder in Pacot evokes a "Haiti Year Zero" with compelling acuity; it is riveting, complex, and a veritable tour de force.

    Rashi Salti,

    It's a thought-provoker that resonates beyond its own time and place.

    Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

    Raoul Peck

    Raoul Peck

    Republic of the Congo

    Film is not only about telling stories. I make combatant films, films for memory. That does not give rise to the portrait of a perfect hero. Nothing is simple in life, and the film is complex.

    Born in Haiti, Raoul Peck grew up in Congo, France, Germany and the United States. He received an Advanced Degree in Engineering Economics in Germany before attending the Academy of Film and Television in bERLIN (DFFB) until 1988. He has created a complex body of work in film and television in both, documentary and fiction. Most noted among his long feature narratives are THE MAN BY THE SHORE (Cannes 1993), LUMUMBA (Quinzaine 2000). In 2005 he produced and directed for HBO SOMETIMES IN APRIL, about the Rwanda genocide (Berlinale Competition 2005). His last feature film MOLOCH TROPICAL was also presented in Toronto and Berlin. His other works includes documentaries like PROFIT AND NOTHING BUT, as well as the mini-series L'AFFAIRE VILLEMIN, and L'ECOLE DU POUVOIR. Former Minister of Culture of the Republic of Haiti, Raoul Peck is the recipient of the Irene Diamond Award presented by Human Rights Watch, for his body of work. He is, since January 2010, Chairman of the Board of the film school La Femis.

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