Mutant Blast

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    Mutant Blast

    Directed by

    USA, Portugal


    83 min

    • Portuguese

    Action, Comedy, Horror

    Maria, a fearless soldier, and TS-347, a man with superhuman strength, are being pursued by a military cell responsible for scientific experiments that have resulted in a zombie apocalypse. While on the run, they meet Pedro, a man with few ambitions and a great hangover. Together, they try to escape to a safe place, but complications soon come in the form of a nuclear bomb. After the radiation blasts the country, strange things start happening to all of those that were in its path. But growing additional body parts and sprouting animals to replace limbs are just the beginning of their worries. The sci-fi, horror film is the latest release from Troma Entertainment.



    Pedro Barao Dias
    Maria Leite
    Joao Vilas
    Joaquim Guerreiro
    Mario Oliveira
    Clemente Santos
    Fernando Alle
    André V. Mendes
    Fernando Alle
    Pedro Barão Dias
    Francisco Lacerda
    Antoni Maiovvi
    Fernando Alle

    Fernando Alle


    Responsible for the highly successful international short films PAPÁ WRESTLING (2009) and BANANA MOTHERFUCKER (2011), which together have been screened at over 65 festivals, including the prestigious Sitges and Frightfest festivals. Winner of 19 awards, his films were shown in Portugal on the Sic Radical television channel, and in the United States of America on the G4TV and FEARnet television channels. MUTANT BLAST (2018) is his first feature film and it was screened at BIFAN 2019.