My Days of Glory

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My Days of Glory (Mes jours de gloire)

Directed by Antoine de Bary

  • France 2019; 98 min
  • Original version: French
  • Genre: Comedy


Adrien is a modern-day Peter Pan. In his early thirties already, he still behaves like a kid. He became a successful child actor, but that was more than ten years ago, and today Adrien has neither fame nor money left. He has to move back with his parents to start fresh. Caught in the middle between a return as an actor he imagines a triumph and a possible love interest, Adrien’s path will be full of obstacles.

Director's Statement

What a process to become a man! Discovering independence, the vertigo of the first steps and the excitement of a new world. Being the son of a psychologist, I always thought I was one step ahead of my peers. As if my mother’s work gave me wisdom and an innate maturity. What a disappointment it was when I took my first steps in adult life! Yet I was ready for existence, armed with family theories and ready-to-use intellectual schemes. Unfortunately, to grow up, to gain maturity, you also have to let go. And I had to abandon the beliefs of childhood, betray my maternal heritage, and make all the beginner’s mistakes. That was the starting point of the film.






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    Marine Dorville