My Extraordinary Summer with Tess

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My Extraordinary Summer with Tess (Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess)

Directed by Steven Wouterlood

  • Netherlands, Germany 2019; 82 min
  • Original version: Dutch
  • Genre: Drama
    • Special mention (International Jury Generation Kplus) - Berlinale Generation


A week of vacation at the beach with the whole family! For Sam, it’s a week full of ruminating on life, death and Tess. He’s haunted by the notion that his brother and his parents will all die someday, most likely before he does, seeing as he’s the youngest. So Sam resolves to prepare for the inevitable as best he can: with daily practice of being alone. It’s a bit unfortunate for him then to meet chaotic and fascinating Tess on the first day of his training as he’d much rather wander through the dunes with her. When she shares her well-kept secret with him, Sam’s world starts to wobble even more. In the summer heat of a Dutch holiday island, the two teenagers dare to ponder life’s biggest questions and come up with their very own answers.


  • BIND


International Sales


    Yael Chouraqui, Yuan Rothbauer