My Grandmother Trelotótó

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My Grandmother Trelotótó (A Minha Avó Trelototó)

Directed by Catarina Ruivo

  • Portugal 2018; 174 min
  • Original version: Portuguese
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Allianz Award for Best Portuguese Feature Film, Special Mention (Árvore da Vida Award for Best Portuguese Film) - IndieLisboa


«My grandmother had a strength and a love for life so great that led me to believe that some of us are able to escape death and become immortal.» Ruivo’s film is made of many different times and records about a sweet ghost that has left.

Director's Statement

When my grandmother died I wanted to save her, and filming her seemed to me to be the only solution. My starting point was the belief that cinema creates an illusion of reality so strong that, by filming the absence of a body and making visible the space it had occupied, I would be able not only to show the sorrow of that absence, but also to create a physical being, to bring a ghost back to life.



    Antonio Pedro Figueiredo 

International Sales


    Antonio Pedro Figueiredo