My Own Private Hell
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    My Own Private Hell


    Directed by

    • Pedro Diógenes



    82 min

    • Portuguese


    Desimar is the owner of Inferninho, a dark and run-down bar that is refuge of dreams and fantasies. Her dream is to leave everything ehind and go away to any distant land, as far as possible from that place. Falling in love with Jarbas, the handsome sailor that arrives at the bar, dreaming of finding home, will completely change her life and the lives of the bar employees: Luizianne, the singer; Rabbit, the waiter; and Caixa-Preta, the cleaning lady.


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    Yuri Yamamoto
    Demick Lopes
    Samya de Lavor
    Rafael Martins
    Tatiana Amorim
    Paulo Ess
    Galba Noguiera
    Petro Domingues
    Gustavo Lopes
    Guto Parente
    Pedro Diogenes
    Rafael Martins
    Victor de Melo
    Victor Costa Lopes
    Rita de Cássia
    Rodrigo Colares
    Vitor Colares

    Director's Statement

    For many years we were members of a collective of artists in the city of Fortaleza (Northest of Brazil) called Alumbramento, where we made several films together, all made from very low budgets and betting on collective creation processes and shared authorship. The realization of these films, besides its importance for our artistic development and maturation as a group, also brought us closer to other collectives of artists from our city, from many artistic languages. One of them was the Bagaceira Theater Group, which in 2013 invited us to develop a project called INFERNINHO, which was first born as a play, then gained body as a TV series project and finally came to life as a movie. The creative process took over 4 years and we had the rare privilege of writing the script with an already defined cast, being able to count on rehearsals and the active collaboration of the actors in the construction of the characters. Otherwise, we wouldn't have been able to shoot the movie in 12 days. Tragicomedy all set inside a bar, INFERNINHO evokes fantasy as a possibility of resistance to moralism and symbolic violence in the world, where oppression of people and groups that don't fit into what is dictated as standard continues to destroy lives and dreams. The Inferninho Bar, with all precariousness and shadows of it, serves as a refuge for those dreams and lives, which, conscious or not, out of conviction or fear, insist on remaining there. As in a dream, the whole narrative of the film is driven by the primary forces of desire and fear, whose measure and balance determines our destinies.

    Guto Parente

    Guto Parente


    Guto Parente was born in 1983 in Fortaleza, Brazil. He finished his film studies in 2008 at Escola do Audiovisual de Fortaleza and from 2008 until 2016 was member of the collective of artists Alumbramento, period where he wrote and directed seven shorts and six feature films, most of them made with small crews, fast shootings and very low budgets. By the end of that period, Guto Parente and Ticiana Augusto Lima, his creative partner and producer since 2011, founded the production company Tardo Films, while Alumbramento came to an end. Guto's works had exhibitions in film festivals such as Locarno, Rotterdam, Viennale, AFI, FidMarseille, Bafici, among others. Recently, Guto has directed two new feature films, MY OWN PRIVATE HELL and THE CANNIBAL CLUB, both to be released in 2018.

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    Pedro Diógenes

    Pedro Diógenes


    The city of Fortaleza has always been the setting, character and inspiration for most of my films. And that happens because Fortaleza awakens strong and contradictory feelings in me.

    Pedro Diógenes, born in 1984, graduated from the Audiovisual School of Fortaleza in 2008 and between 2010 and 2016 he was a member of the collective Alumbramento. Pedro has written and directed multiple feature films, made 10 short films and worked as a sound technician on another 60 films. His feature film MY OWN PRIVATE HELL (2018) premiered at the IFF Rotterdam 2018 and was awarded the Special Jury Prize at the Rio FF 2018. His latest work is PAJEÚ (2020), which was selected for FIDMarseille 2020. He is currently part of the group Marrevolto Filmes.

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