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    96 min

    • German


    Berlinale Panorama FF Locarno - Appellations Suisse

    Investment banker HP has allegedly ridden out the crash of the stock exchange. One evening, on a barbecue event with his banker friends and their wives, HP's Danish au pair girl threatens to blow the whistle on her love affair with HP's married boss. HP wants to please everybody. But the next morning, he has lost everything: his house, his wife, his friends, and his job.


    • NDR Prize - Schwerin Art of Film Festival
    • Special Jury Prize - Swiss Film Prize
    • Best Film - Viareggio EuropaCinema


    Michael Neuenschwander
    Susanne-Marie Wrage
    Bettina Stucky
    Georg Scharegg
    Leonardo Nigro
    Petra Lüschow
    Stina Werenfels
    Piotr Jaxa
    Isabel Meier
    Winfried Grabe


    Great cinema, far removed from all stereotypes.

    Berner Zeitung

    Stina Werenfels' artistically directed debut film is impressive.


    Produced with seamless effort but resulting in maximum effect, this relationship drama is a prime example of first-class Swiss film.

    20 Minuten

    The visual composition ornamentally dissolves people, nature and design, and inter-weaves them into one... Piotr Jaxa's camera work is extraordinary. With immense faith in her excellent actors, Stina Werenfels relentlessly watches the grill-scene unfold, until the moment where fear manifests itself as ice splinters in their eyes. Although this near Ibsen-like tale is told at an incredible pace, its meticulous attention to detail never wavers.

    NZZ am Sonntag

    The intensity this director manages to pull out of her actors is one which is, unfortu-nately, all too rarely encountered in Swiss film.


    Stina Werenfels comes so close to the nouveau-riche that we can look them straight in the eye. This picturesque drama develops along fascinating lines. Deeply revealing.


    As in the classic Dogma film Festen, secrets are uncovered at a party. The acting and the atmosphere are excellent.

    Sonntags Zeitung

    Stina Werenfels

    Stina Werenfels


    Art means to break new ground. Each film is a prototype, and one has to be just curious.

    Born in Basel in 1964, Stina Werenfels spent her early childhood in the USA, Greece and Spain. Following her degree in Pharmacology, she went on to study Film at the New York University in 1991, where she attended master classes by Spike Lee, Arthur Penn and Marketa Kimbrell. There she completed her studies with the prize winning short documentary FRAGMENTS FROM THE LOWER EAST SIDE (1994). Back in Switzerland, Werenfels shot PASTRY, PAIN & POLITICS (1998) for which she was given the Swiss Film Prize for Best Short Film. Her first feature was NACHBEBEN (2006), and premiered at the Berlinale Panorama, as well as her latest film, DORA OR THE SEXUAL NEUROSES OF OUR PARENTS (2015). Besides writing and directing, Stina Werenfels also teaches ‘acting for film’ at Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

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