Nadea and Sveta
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    Nadea and Sveta

    Nadea e Sveta

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    62 min

    • Italian


    Nadea and Svetlana emigrated to Bologna from Moldavia a few years earlier. They are different ages but they share the same need to find work to help their families. When thirty-one-year-old Svetlana, who has found a sort of mother-figure in Nadea, finally receives the documents she needs so she can return home and see her daughter, who was left with her grandmother when she was only three years old, the two manage to maintain their close friendship, despite the distance. But this isn’t the right moment yet for Svetlana to stay put.


    • Solinas Award, Special Jury Mention
    • Nominated for Best Feature Documentary - Donatello Awards
    • Cipputi Award, Special Mention Ucca Award - Torino IFF


    Maura Delpero
    Greta De Lazzaris
    Pierpaolo Giarolo
    Marcos Pastor
    Ilaria Fraioli

    Director's Statement

    “I love movies that are made of significant details and images that can register the universe of people in a synesthetic manner, revealing their inner selves. This is why I decided not to film the arrival hug, but rather the wake-up hug, after their first nights together. What I was looking for is a sensorial image able to reflect an intimate atmosphere, regardless of the gaze: the sound of the sheets, the sweetness of the whispered words, the smell of the yawns, the warmth of the hugs, the corporeality of the tickling.”

    Maura Delpero

    Maura Delpero


    Maura Delpero, Movie Director and Literature Teacher :
    Her first feature film TEACHERS (2008), won the “Ucca Award”-Best documentary from Italiana.doc” and the “Avanti!”Award at the 26. Turin Film Festival and it also was the winner of the “Martini Award” as the year’s best documentary. The script of her second feature film NADEA AND SVETA (2012) won the Special Jury Mention at the Solinas Awards (the most important script contest in Italy). NADEA AND SVETA was presented as a première at the 30. Turin Film Festival where it was awarded with the “Cipputi Award” and the Special Jury Mention of the “Ucca Award”. The film was nominated for the David di Donatello 2013 (the Italian Oscars). MATERNAL (2019) is her last feature film.

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