Nai River

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    Nai River

    Directed by



    96 min

    • Chinese

    Drama, Family

    In China, while the economy made a booming growth, the problem of abandon babies has become a series social problem. Moral, ethical and affection are ignored more and more. We shouldn’t realize the problems just when we must face the choice of Life and death. On the way to school with his mother, Qiang had a car accident and became an invalid. Qiang’s mother faith in Qiang gradually infected Daxiang, however. Her care for Daxiang also helped the little girl feel maternal love once again. The abandoned baby Xin had a serious brain tumor. It was inoperable, so he was abandoned to die. He was sent to a hospice care center for babies, where he was loved by kind-hearted people. Ying, a rebellious country girl, left the city where she worked and returned home. Together with her father and younger brother Xiaoxia, she began to lead a simple life. Sometimes, the continuation of life is not contingent on the success of crossing Nai River, but on whether we live together and stick it out. This is a story of a family about the HOPE, FAITH, and LOVE.



    Zhao Leyi
    Zhu Xuan
    Chen Xiaoxia
    Fang Xiaoli
    Bin Luo

    Bin Luo


    Luo Bin’s feature film, NAI RIVER (2013), was selected at more than ten film festivals, including Salento International Film Festival 2013, and won the JBM prize at Mt. Hood Independent Film Festival 2013. The director was honored to participate in the China Film Foundation Wu Tianming Film Fund for Young Talents project in 2015, and Jackie Chan’s project, New Talent Camp, in 2016 and 2017. Screenplays The Buds and Kung Fu Tea were selected in the first round of the Sundance Institute Screenwriters Lab 2017 and at International Film Festival Rotterdam CineMart 2017. Black Sheep won a Best Young Directors’ Projects Prize from the China Film Foundation Wu Tianming Film Fund in 2018.