Nails in my Brain
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    Nails in my Brain

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    80 min

    • Azerbaijani


    A young man wanders through the ruins of what may or may not be his childhood home, where each crumbling doorway opens up onto the past. Memories accost him-memories of his school days, of loved ones long gone, of wonder, callousness, and defeat. The painful invasion gives rise to a series reflections on the limits of cinema. and the poverty, and inescapability, of the life of the mind. No matter ho much he has tries to change, the young man-who may or may not be the filmmaker himself- always returns to the same places, same questions, same faces, same recollections- the same nails in the brain.



    Hilal Baydarov
    Hilal Baydarov
    Hilal Baydarov
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    An ethnographic study of a strange world, presented in highly personal, experimental film language.

    Modern Times Review

    Hilal Baydarov

    Hilal Baydarov


    My actors are my friends in real life and they are real persons in the film. So when we want to make a film, the only extra thing out there is the camera.

    Hilal Baydarov was born in 1987 in Baku, Azerbaijan. During his high school years, he won the national championships of mathematics twice in 2004 and 2005. In 2011 he leads the Azeri team at the informatics olympiad in Thailand. After a master in computer sciences, he left for Sarajevo to study film directing with Bela Tarr. His debut feature film HILLS WITHOUT NAMES was premiered at the Montreal Film Festival in 2018, the same year he won the Docu Talent award at Sarajevo Film Festival for his film BIRTHDAY. WHEN THE PERSIMMONS GREW (2019) is Baydarov's third feature film what won two awards at Visions du réel film festival in Nyon and also Heart of Sarajevo for Best Documentary Film at Sarajevo Film Festival. MOTHER AND SON (2019) is his fifth feature film that premiered in competition in IDFA. NAILS IN MY BRAIN is his six feature film that premiered in competition in Cinema du réel. It is also the last film of KATECH trilogy which includes MOTHER AND SON, WHEN THE PERSIMMONS GREW and NAILS IN MY BRAIN.

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