Neon Heart

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Neon Heart

Directed by Laurits Flensted-Jensen

  • Denmark 2018; 89 min
  • Original version: English, Danish
  • Genre: Drama


NEON HEART is a story about three people who are chasing life and each other. Laura comes home to Denmark after a short-lived porn career in the USA. Despite the remaining online videos of her, she tries to put the pieces of a normal existence back together. Niklas, Laura's ex, is a recovering addict who finds meaning in his new job taking care of two men with Down's syndrome. As he develops newfound empathy for the pair, he begins to bend the rigid rules of his role, leading him down a slippery slope. Frederik, Niklas' teenage brother, is out to gain respect as a hooligan, peer-pressured into difficult situations and forced to negotiate the demands of masculine bravado. In glimpses and fragments of the past and present, we follow Laura, Niklas and Frederik on a journey full of taboos and desires where connections are made and torn apart.




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    Lison Hervé