Next to Her

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    Next to Her

    At Li Layla

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    90 min

    • Hebrew


    Chelli is raising her mentally disabled sister Gabby all by herself. When the social worker discovers she leaves her sister alone in the house while at work, Chelli is forced to place her in a day-care center and the void left by her sister's absence makes room for a man in her life. That man, Zohar, tears another crack in the symbiotic relationship of the two sisters and the three are slowly drawn into a strange threesome, where boundaries between love, sacrifice, nurturing and torturing are broken.


    • Agora Work-in-Progress Award, Special Jury Award - Thessaloniki IFF
    • Special Jury Prize, Student Jury Prize - Tokyo FILMeX



    Liron Ben-shlush
    Dana Ivgy
    Jacob Zada Daniel
    Liron Ben-Shlush
    Amit Yasour
    Shira Hochman
    Asaf Korman
    Asaf Korman

    Director's Statement

    It is primarily an actors' film, a film about people, about human beings. My inspirations to begin with have always been directors that deal with human beings, people, and only second to that is the framing. That was my main problem until Liron [Liron Ben-Shlush] arrived. I write images, concepts; while Liron writes situations, drama. Secondly, this film is an act of love, in the most complex and challenging sense. It is an act of cooperation that encloses passion and pleasure, side by side with struggle and distress. It is an act of observation, of looking deep into each other's eyes, which requires true exposure, without compromise. In that sense, this film just has to be made, and more so in light of my short film, which also touched the edge of exposure, the borderline between fiction and life.



    A tense and truthful character study filled with unexpected turns.

    Jordan Mintzer, The Hollywood Reporter

    The unhealthily symbiotic relationship of two sisters is explored in intense, naturalistic fashion in (...) a strikingly lensed debut feature from Israeli helmer Asaf Korman.

    Alissa Simon, Variety

    Asaf Korman

    Asaf Korman


    Born in 1982 in Tel-Aviv, Asaf has been making films and music since the age of sixteen. He directed several short films that showed at many international film festivals, amongst them is DEATH OF SHULA his graduation film from Minshar for Art, which premiered at the 39th Director’s Fortnight. He is also one of Israel's busiest film editors who worked on BIG BAD WOLVES (2013) and JAFFA (2009) amongst others. NEXT TO HER is his directorial debut.