Night Light

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Night Light

Directed by Kim Mooyoung

  • South Korea 2018; 108 min
  • Original version: Korean
  • Genre: Drama


One cold winter, Hee-tae is diagnosed as terminally ill. He receives a letter from his ex-wife who divorced him and left 10 years ago. She wants their son, Min-sang′s name to be registered under Hee-tae′s family registry for a stable life. Hee-tae wants to see his son before he dies, as the boy was born after the divorce and he has never seen his face. He agrees to her request on condition that his son spend two nights with him at his home in the mountains. When Min-sang sees his father for the first time he is more than a little uncomfortable staying with him in the mountains. However, the boy becomes interested in the surroundings and feels closer to Hee-tae. night light is a quiet, lonely movie like mountain life. Hee-tae′s days are preoccupied with digging here and there for rare medicinal herbs and going to town to sell them. This man who has been waiting calmly for death, is soon unsettled by the presence of his son. Though they don’t talk as much as to fully understand each other, their affection for each other is conveyed secretly.



    Mooyoung Kim