Not available for screening anymore


Directed by Selvamani Selvaraj

  • India 2015; 96 min
  • Original version: Tamil
  • Genre: Drama


A tale of unrequited love and unexplored desires. A young man meets his childhood love one rainy night in the city of dreams. When they both realise that the desire for more can ruin what is special between them do they listen to their head or their heart?

Director's Statement

Nila burst out of a personal experience of anguish and dilemma. I wanted to share the emotion as a story when I realised it to be a very simple story about deeply conflicted emotions of love,lust and loss.
The story was atmospheric from the beginning. The film was thus treated to be a mood-piece. It is set entirely in the rainy nights of a beautiful city. With just two characters the film is immersive and lets the audience experience the story by being a silent third person. The emotional space of the main characters are reflected in the lighting and camera angling at every point in the film.
The film is partly crowd-funded and majorly self-financed. The film drew only people who had the passion for it and was made with a lot of love and drive by every member of the crew.
I could not have hoped for a more passionate start.



    Selvamani Selvaraj