NIMBY - Not In My BackYard
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    NIMBY - Not In My BackYard

    Directed by



    95 min

    • Finnish
    • English
    • German

    Comedy drama

    Mervi travels to her hometown in Finland, with her German-Iranian girlfriend Kata, to confront her parents and come out of the closet. There, she finds out that she’s not the only one hiding secrets. The two girls will find themselves in the middle of social mayhem in a community of gang bangers, bisexual pastors, activists, racists, refugees, alcoholics and drug abusers. Finally, a belligerent neo-Nazi group break in.


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    Teemu Nikki
    Jani Pösö
    Sari Aaltonen
    Matti Näränen
    Teemu Nikki

    Teemu Nikki


    Most of my movies have started from a need to explore something that interests or bothers me. Usually, it turns into a dark comedy with a heart. As a genre film lover, I try to keep the audience on their toes. You'll never know what happens next.

    Teemu Nikki (born in 1975) is a prolific self-educated, award-winning filmmaker and son of a pig-farmer from Sysmä, Finland. His feature, EUTHANIZER (2018), was a festival success and Finland’s official Oscar entry film for The Academy Awards in 2019. Nikki has also directed numerous short films which have gained recognition at film festivals all around the world and popular TV series. Nikki’s style is best described as a good-willed yet unapologetic political satire of humanity. He owns a production company It’s Alive Films together with producer Jani Pösö. His latest film is THE BLIND MAN WHO DID NOT WANT TO SEE TITANIC (2021), selected and awarded at Venice IFF.

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