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Directed by Adrián Orr

  • Spain 2017; 72 min
  • Original version: Spanish
  • Genre: Documentary
    • Most Innovative First Film - Visions du Réel
    • Best Film - BAFICI
    • New Waves Best Film Award - Seville EFF


Jobless and with no prospects, "Niñato" (Kid) lives with his parents and makes hip-hop music. He lives life on the outskirts. But he is 34 years old and has 3 children to bring up.  Time goes by, the kids are growing up and "Niñato" carries on, making music and looking after the children, without worrying too much about his future. Oro, the smallest one, not too motivated at school, will demand more attention and drive "Niñato" to face his own conflicts.

Director's Statement

David aka “Niñato” is one of my best friends. We used to play in the same hip- hop band when we were teenagers. I always admired how he kept intact his passion to make music year after year, even when he became a  father.  The same passion that he has when he ´s with the kids. I have filmed the dichotomy between these two passions of Niñato: being a father and intending to continue living his adolescent self.

I witnessed a long process of teaching and learning between David and the children, mostly “Oro”(the young one). I filmed how small gestures, few words in the past,  acquire relevance in the present and are projected into the future. And I show it in a continuous line of time. I´ve positioned the viewer as a witness in real time of how David is learning to teach, is learning to motivate  the children to  keep working and have dreams even when his have not come true.



    Adrian Orr Seranno