Nordic Factory

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Nordic Factory

Directed by Milad Alami, Aygul Bakanova, Natalia Garagiola, Kraesten Kusk, Guillaume Mainguet, Rungano Nyoni, Hamy Ramezan, Selma Vilhunen

  • Denmark, Finland 2014; 61 min
  • Original version: Danish
  • Genre: Short, Drama


Nordic Factory is a Residency, Workshop and Short Film Concept that stimulates cultural and cinematic meetings between young film directors, while giving them an international platform to present their first or second feature projects. This concept continues and builds on an initial, successful collaboration in 2013 between Directors’ Fortnight and the Taipei Film Commission, and will continue in 2015 with a new partner country.

THE GIRL AND THE DOGS (Selma Vilhunen, Guillaume Mainguet)
Mette, Lina and Anna Sophie, 3 teenagers, are on their way to a party. A strange discovery on a local beach will change the very nature of their friendship.

SUNDAYS (Kraesten Kusk, Natalia Garagiola)
Like every Sunday, Anne picks up her father Theodor at the nursing home. They seem to have their ritual, but this Sunday will not turn out like all the others.

LISTEN (Hamy Ramezan, Rungano Nyoni)
Copenhagen. A police station. A foreign woman, wearing a burqa, is there with her young son to file a complaint. Yet, it seems the translator is not willing to report what she is telling.

VOID (Milad Alami, Aygul Bakanova)
Night trip on the ferry from Copenhagen to Bornholm. Daniel, 50, starts a conversation with Amir, an handsome guy in his 30s. But Daniel is not just after small talk. He is looking for something very personal from Amir.



    Valeria Richter, Helene Granqvist 

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