Not All Is Vigil

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    Not All Is Vigil

    No Todo Es Vigilia

    Directed by

    Colombia, Spain


    98 min

    • Spanish


    San Sebastián IFF - New Directors

    A love story that begins when its lead characters, Antonio and Felisa, have been together for over 60 years and their delicate health means they can no longer care for one another. The prospect of having to move into a home for the elderly looms menacingly on the horizon. Felisa, 82, wanders the cold, empty spaces of the hospital to which her 84 year old husband Antonio was admitted days ago. Felisa is worried, because she knows her husband has asked for a place in a home and she's afraid her life will change. She only wants to go home to Muniesa (Teruel), where she can live quietly with her husband the way they always have. For his part, Antonio feels strong responsibility to care for Felisa; he wants to make sure that she will be well looked after when he's no longer there. When Felisa and Antonio finally return home, they find a letter from the social services: they may have been given a place in the residence. They see their identity and independence endangered. They feel that they will have to hand the control of their life and death to other people.


    • Special Mention (Cine Latino) - Palm Springs IFF



    Felisa Lou
    Antonio Paralluelo
    Hermes Paralluelo
    Julián Elizalde
    Iván Guarnizo
    Hermes Paralluelo


    Visually striking tribute to spousal affection, seasoned with droll humor.

    Neil Young, The Hollywood Reporter

    Few titles show the routine of people entering the final stretch of their lives so realistically, soothingly and truthfully as this documentary by Hermes Paralluelo.

    Alfonso Rivera, Cineuropa

    Hermes Paralluelo

    Hermes Paralluelo


    He was born in Barcelona, Spain, in 1981. He graduated in Cinematography at the Catalonian Center for Film Studies, where he made the short film VLOZNI (2004). In 2006, after moving to Argentina, he directed a documentary film workshop in Tilcara, where he made the medium-length documentary PAN DE AZUCAR (2007). YATASTO was the winning work in progress at 2010’s Buenos Aires Lab.

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