Not Waving But Drowning
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    Not Waving But Drowning

    Directed by

    South Korea


    36 min

    • Korean


    'Kyoung' (husband), who works as a sailor, always goes straight home after work. He cannot get along with other sailors. Because he has to take care of his wife, 'Ryeon', who has a leg problem. One day, 'Kyoung' overheard a mysterious story from a traditional pharmacist and a Korean herbalist from China Yanbian, at a traditional pharmacy that went to get the medicine of 'Ryeon'. The story is that if a person with a disability eats a person's leg, the body recovers and can walk.....


    KIM Lokkyoung

    KIM Lokkyoung

    South Korea

    I think that making movies is about capturing people while imagining in the world I see. In my movies, I want to capture people honestly.

    Born in Sacheon, South Gyeongsang Province, in 1982, KIM Lokkyoung has been an actor since 2004 and appeared in several feature and short films. In 2019, he directed the short NOT WAVING BUT DROWNING (2019). His latest work is the feature film FESTIVAL (2020), which won numerous awards at BIFAN 2020.

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