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Les Arcs Industry Village
Off Ground

Not available for screening anymore

Off Ground

Directed by Boudewijn Koole

  • Netherlands 2013; 12 min
  • Original version: Dutch
  • Genre: Drama

  • From the director of MEIS presented at Les Arcs Industry Village


We see two people standing in a light grey room. A slender woman of 50 and a 12-year-old boy. They are joined togetherlike the links of a chain, their arms entwined, clasping their hands behindeach other’s backs. They change position at a constant rate. One flowing movement. Never losing touch with each other. A game played by a mother and her child. A kind of tango. The sound of feet. Breathing. And faint smiles. Until suddenly the woman’s hands let go of each other.



    Jantien Ekkes