On the Edge of Life

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    On the Edge of Life

    Ala hafet alhayat

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    45 min

    • Arabic


    Yaser and his partner Rima leave Syria to Lebanon, but after receiving the news that his younger brother passed away in Aleppo, they end up in a remote and an empty place in Turkey. In this place where the silence and the monotonous daily life being broken by the loud noise of the family calls whom still living in Aleppo. To spend a year and a half, which was almost like a slumber and a coma, waking up every day on the recurring nightmares echo.


    • Joris Ivens / Cnap Award - Cinéma du Réel


    Director's Statement

    I have a great overwhelming desire to talk about this exceptional phase of my life, as it's an exception phase for most of the Syrian families. The loss and grief. I want to start from that moment when we left Syria, and we didn’t know if it will be the last time that we see Syria.

    I want to talk about the trauma that I’ve received because of the passing of my brother in Aleppo, and the anxiety about the family whom still living in Aleppo till this moment.

    Yasser Kassab

    Yasser Kassab


    Born in 1988 in Syria, Yasser Kassab entered the field of Photography while studying Economics-Banking in Aleppo University in 2006, He participated in many photography exhibitions in Aleppo. In 2012, he made a short video TAKE IT which was screened in USA and Europe And in 2013 Participated in Bidayyat training courses of long documentary filmmaking developing with a group of professional trainers in the field of documentary. In 2014 and 2015 Participated in DW Akademie Training courses of Video Journalism and video journalism for children’s television. In 2017 he made a short video FIVE MINUTES FIVE YEARS which premiered in Independent Days 17| International Film festival, Germany, section "IDIF Underground Shorts". In 2017 ON THE EDGE OF LIFE his first feature documentary film premiered in Cinéma du réel film festival.